Upgrade your radio to a vintage bluetooth speaker

Free with any upgrade

From 550 € for the rehabilitation of your radio

  • Thorough cleaning of the station

  • A plastic / varnish renovator

  • Joining elements like the glass dial

  • Sound insulation

Renovating your vintage radio

  • The custom cut of MDF which closes the post at the back + black paint.

  • Dial lighting

  • Electronic modernization.


30W full-range speaker

Ignition and sound adjustment by the original button.

Bass / Treble adjustment

Dial lighting

Respect for the object

To preserve the VINTAGE look of your radio, FM, USB and mini-jack inputs are located at the back of the station. (brushed aluminum plate optional). We manufacture an MDF back to close the post at the back in order to OPTIMIZE the sound rendering.

How to proceed

Each radio is UNIQUE , so is rehabilitation. To evaluate your radio, we will need photos that you can send us by email to contact@heleor.fr . We will give you a quote as soon as possible.

2 years warranty - Free shipping in Europe
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