The Concept of our

Vintage Bluetooth Radios

Improved listening


We have developed our own audio system with a focus on sound quality. The speakers of the old radios produced a muffled sound, with no real bass or treble.

To offer you an optimal musical experience, we have researched acoustics and tested different amps and speakers. In order for old radios to express their sound quality in the best way, each radio set is equipped with equipment adapted to its volume and material (wood thickness, bakelite...). To ensure excellent sound quality, we add sound insulation.


Vintage Radio

They are cleaned and treated against pests with eco-responsible products. We redo the varnish or the woodwork of these old radio, wash or change the fabrics, repaint some parts. They have gone through history, we bring them back to life to offer you a modern and quality service.

All our models have the same functions: FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 playback via USB and micro SD, digital equalizer, mini jack auxiliary input and remote control.

We keep the original

functions of old radio

All of our upgraded radio sets feature the original ignition, dial illumination and volume control buttons. They have separate bass and treble controls on the original knobs when the design allows it.

We're craftsmen, lovers of beautiful things well done. We love our vintage bluetooth stations and are attached to them because some of them require dozens of hours of work. We want these old radios, witnesses of the past century, to come and sing their story, bring their authenticity into your home.

2 years warranty - Free shipping in Europe
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