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We grew up with these positions, thanks to a father who made them when Gainsbourg sang La chanson de Prévert. With the advent of television, most of them ended up in the attics, stored with the grandmother's old toys and dresses. They are cleaned and treated against parasites with eco-responsible products. We redo varnishes or carpentry, wash or change fabrics, repaint certain parts. They have passed through history, we bring them back to life to offer you a modern and quality listening experience.


We have built our amplifier and are proud of the sound quality of our products. We like the sound we gave them, warm and round. Our loudspeakers are chosen according to the body, its volume and the density of its walls. The turning on and the adjustment of the volume by the original button are available on all our models. To optimize the musical experience, bass and treble control is present on all our radios via the original buttons or at the rear, depending on the radio configuration.


We are artisan, lovers of beautiful things well done. We love our products and have ties with because some of them require dozens of hours of work. We want these witnesses of the past century to come and sing their stories, bring their authenticity into your home. Each radio is completely renovated by hand. Whenever possible, the original appearance will be maintained. For those who have suffered too much from the marks of time, a complete customization will be made. Each model is therefore unique. 

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Improved listening quality

We have developed our own audio system with a focus on sound quality. The speakers of the old radios produced a muffled sound, with no real bass or treble.

To offer you an optimal musical experience, we have researched acoustics and tested different amps and speakers. In order for old radios to express their sound quality in the best way, each radio set is equipped with equipment adapted to its volume and material (wood thickness, bakelite...). To ensure excellent sound quality, we add sound insulation.

Upgraded vintage radio

All our radio models have the same features: FM radio, Bluetooth, MP3 playback via USB stick and micro SD, digital equalizer, mini-jack auxiliary input and remote control.

We keep the original functions of old radio

All our upgraded radios are equipped with on/off switch, dial lighting and volume control via the original buttons. Our old modernized radios have a separate bass and treble adjustment by the original buttons when the design allows it.

2 years warranty - Free shipping in Europe
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