My Story

It is my different experiences that led me to create HELEOR because this project brings together the deep values that motivate me, transmission and sharing.

These objects belonged to our grandparents and we will be able to pass them on to our children.

"The pleasure of doing and giving, of seeing and listening".


I've always loved antiques. These beautiful vintage radios, I discovered them 6 years ago at my father-in-law's house. He made them in the '60s and he's been collecting them ever since.

By modernizing these radios, I'm giving them a second life. I use eco-responsible products and methods to restore them.

Their Story

From the 30s to the 60s, there was a radio in almost every family. They were much more than an accessory, but an indispensable part of keeping informed. With the multiplication of communication media, these beautiful radios were relegated to the attic.
To give them the place they deserve in our homes, I decided to
upgrade them to Bluetooth speakers!

Highly crafted designs

The appearance of the radios, their design, quickly freed themselves from utilitarian lines to give way to creation: Art Deco influences, shapes of aviation dials, American car grills, theatre stages, typewriters, flexible or broken lines, everything has been tried....


All of this appeals to us today. They are not just witnesses to the past: they are beautiful, worthy of being found in our homes and apartments.


From the attic to the exit of the workshop, the radio, which was only an old object covered with dust, becomes a source of life and pleasure. When turned off, it attracts the eye and contemplation. SwitchedOn, it offers a sound of an astonishing presence.


Our time is learning to recognize that it has a place in our home again. It is this experience that we propose to you to live.

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2 years warranty - Free shipping in Europe
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